Regulator’s Customer Support Program is Second to None

Regulator Marine is a multi-year recipient of the National Marine Manufacturer Association CSI Award representing the highest level of customer satisfaction.

In working with Regulator, you can expect the highest level of customer support in the marine industry. Regulator has a full-time customer service department that is dedicated and committed to ensuring the best customer service experience possible. Backed by a team of engineering experts, they are available to answer questions and address concerns or issues.

Regulator’s goal is to clearly understand what pleases and delights the customer. We’re regularly in the field talking to our customers and learning about what makes them tick. What they like and prefer. Regulator is a company that listens and responds. That all adds up to a winning approach to customer support and service!

Every year since the origin of the National Marine Manufacturers’ CSI Award Program (Customer Service Index), Regulator has received top scores and rankings in its categories.

Contact us any time at 252-482-3837.