There is Nothing On The Water Built Like a Regulator

The engineers at Regulator know how an offshore sportfishing boat is used and clearly understand the harsh environment in which they operate. When you are miles offshore, the weather can change rapidly. Regulator boats are engineered and built to maximize your safety out there and get you home.

A benefit of designing and engineering a safer offshore sportfishing boat is the solid ride a heavier deep-vee hull produces. The same qualities that create a smoother ride make a substantially more rugged boat.

Regulator boats are designed, engineered and built to be the most reliable, safe and fishable boats in the world, bar none. The results are a boat you will enjoy for years to come. Most boats are beautiful on the outside, combining elegant form with beautiful colors and new gelcoats. However, as everyone knows, lasting beauty runs much deeper. Lamination is a series of critical processes that can produce either hidden qualities or hidden problems. At Regulator, laminates are hand-laid by experienced craftsmen that take the time to do their jobs flawlessly. Regulator has one of the most advanced lamination facilities in the world. The high-powered ventilation system allows the lamination team to work without respirators.

The regulated air also assures that the resins cure in a controlled environment. Only the finest glass, resins, gelcoats, barrier coats and processes are used. Significant cost savings could be realized by using lesser quality materials and processes, but then it wouldn’t be a Regulator.

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