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Legend of the Regulator 26 Grows with the Monumental Sale of 1000th Hull

Edenton, NC (October 5, 2004) – Fisherman Scott Vrana wanted to buy a Regulator because he needed an offshore fishing boat with superior quality, comfort and range. Boat salesman Don Ditzel was more than happy to set him up, and phoned in the order. Little did both know that the 26 they ordered would be extra special -- the 1000th one manufactured by Regulator Marine.

Regulator Marine, Inc. of Edenton, North Carolina, was started in 1988 in an old A & P grocery store in Edenton, North Carolina by Owen and Joan Maxwell. The 26 was their first boat, and the solid success of the early 26s laid the foundation of their business that manufacturers a product line of eight boats in a 60,000 foot production facility, with nearly 150 team members.

“We knew exactly what we wanted for our first boat,” said Joan Maxwell, Regulator co-founder and president. “We wanted a great running hull that would take a pounding, be quick and maneuverable, and with lots of fishability.”

The Maxwells enlisted the help of well-known naval designer Lou Codega, who at that time was a full-time designer with the Navy and working as a freelancer on the side.

“They had very specific ideas on what they wanted in the boat,” said Codega. “The Maxwells deserve a lot of credit for the innovative fishing features on the 26 that are copied on a lot of boats today.”

In the years since the original design, many improvements and changes have been made to the deck layout, power, production technology and fishing features, but the basic hull design and construction have remained intact. A proprietary “fiberglass grillage system,” introduced on the 26, is integrated into every hull and acts as the virtual backbone of the boat.The resulting structural integrity gives the Regulator design the ability to withstand rough sea conditions. The 26 was also the first production model center console boat to offer smooth gelcoat fish boxes and hatches, consoles with step-in heads, colored hulls, and combine high top speeds with great sea keeping.

“From Day One the 26 was a ‘home run’,” said Wyatt Lane, Regulator’s national sales manager. “It performed, and still does today, above and beyond any boat in its niche, and is considered the quality leader in the 25’-30’ fishing and cruising category.”

Regulator currently manufactures and sells about 10 of the 26s a month, but the addition in 2004 of another hull mold to the production line will increase production to meet the model’s high demand. The 1000th 26 came off the line on August 4, 2004 to much celebration and fanfare, including a photography shoot with the Regulator team that built her. It was immediately shipped to Regulator dealer Comstock Yacht Sales in Brick, New Jersey, who did final prep and added the electronics options Vrana had selected. Vrana wasn’t told his boat was the 1000th until he picked it up.

“After he ordered the boat, he asked me if I knew how many 26s had been built, and I purposely didn’t tell him then,” said Ditzel. “So when I told him on delivery day that he now owned the 1000th and showed him the picture of it at the Regulator factory, he was real surprised.”

Vrana picked up his boat, which was on the water waiting for him, with wife Tamra and sons Scott, 15, and Andrew, 13, then immediately went fishing. He caught a 24” fluke off the New Jersey coast that day. The 45-year-old owner of a small carpentry business said he normally fishes a couple times a month, but now that he has his new Regulator he plans to “go a lot more.”

“I was happy to know my boat is special as the 1000th,” said Vrana. “This Regulator will be around a long time. What a ride this boat has – an incredible ride!

Codega, who now designs all of Regulators boats, said it is unusual in today’s market for a boat model to endure this long, since sales often drop off which forces a redesign and model change. The fact that the 26 is still around testifies to its status as a classic.

“There have been a lot of copycats of the 26, but it hasn’t been duplicated,” he said. “We had a feeling we were building something special. It’s one of my best designs, and years from now I believe it will be considered as a true classic.”

Regulator’s line of 21’ to 32’ offshore sportfishing boats is recognized for high quality craftsmanship and rugged durability. Regulator Marine, Inc. was recently awarded the 2003 National Marine Manufacturers Association’s CSI award in the category of Fiberglass Outboard Boats. For more information on Regulator Marine, Inc. visit