Regulator Marine Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary

In 1988, we set out to create an offshore sportfishing boat that far exceeded anything in its class. Since then, we have handcrafted more than 3,500 boats from our headquarters in Edenton, North Carolina. It has truly been a legendary ride, and 25 years is just the beginning.

As the company has evolved, our promise has stayed the same. We don’t cut corners. We don’t compromise. We check, test and recheck every square inch of each and every one of our boats, ensuring that you are getting nothing short of marine engineering perfection.

In our 25 years at the helm of Regulator, we have had some exciting stories that speak to the indestructible quality of our boats – including the unbelievable voyage of the "Queen Bee" and the development of our first specially commissioned marine patrol boat. Both of these stand outs speak to the rugged dependability of Regulator and reinforce our commitment to quality that exceeds expectations. So whether you are headed out for serious sportfishing or epic relaxation, rest assured that your Regulator is up to the challenge.

The Regulator Period in North Carolina from 1765 to 1771 was marked by the bold uprising of a fiercely independent group of "Regulators", who revolted against the unfair evils and excesses of Colonial government.

The sportfishing boats of Regulator Marine reflect the hallowed heritage of its historical namesake, depicting a revolutionary departure in sportfishing design from what has become the industry standard. Painstakingly hand crafted since 1988, today’s Regulators were first built from a small storefront in Edenton, North Carolina, one of the state’s original British ports of entry. Claiming a scrappy, independent birthright from the outset, Regulator’s founders cast off on an unwavering journey in pursuit of building the finest offshore sportfishing boats in their class. As was the reputation of the Regulators of old, these newcomers were equally unwilling to sacrifice or compromise their design integrity. In the 21st Century, these contemporary Regulator models proudly represent a new dawn in proven quality, fishability and performance, while the ride itself has earned legend status. The fight to deliver the finest fishing platform in the world wages on daily by a highly skilled, elite army of craftsmen who consistently seek a better way.