Lou Codega

There is Nothing on the Water That Rides Like a Regulator

A legend born of an invincible spirit and a dedication to building the finest in offshore sportfishing boats.

When the founders of Regulator launched Regulator Marine in 1988, their driving goal and focus was to design and build a line of sportfishing boats that far exceeded the standards in their class. Developed in the challenging conditions of the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Regulators were designed with safety in mind and engineered to withstand and perform in volatile weather and sea conditions. Since its origin, Regulator Marine and its resulting product line, from 23’ to 34’, have earned a reputation as seriously tough sportfishers matched by an extraordinary smooth, dry, and comfortable ride.

Regulators are high-quality sportfishing boats, built one hull at a time, for a select few. Serious anglers demand the best, and the company’s commitment to superior engineering and craftsmanship is continually measured and adjusted to meet that challenge. Buying a boat is a significant investment, and the good people at Regulator strive to honor the commitment made by its owners by delivering a product that is the ultimate in fishability, safety, and return on investment. The resale value on a Regulator is extremely high, making your decision to buy a Regulator a smart one that is also very rewarding.


Regulator’s soft ride is directly the result of how the hull was designed using Regulator’s grillage system. The grillage is an extremely rugged molded fiberglass stringer system that adds an enormous amount of strength to the hull. This eliminates much of the stress at the deck, liner and hull joint. The grillage is bonded to the hull with a high-strength polybond adhesive system. The grillage is then pressed into place with heavy weights in strategic locations and bi-axial fiberglass is applied to the edges. To add strength and reduce noise, foam is injected into the grillage voids. The wide top surfaces of the grillage system provide a large platform where the liner is bonded – the grillage, deck and the hull essentially become a solid unit. Ultimately, you feel the difference when offshore and nothing is moving under your feet. You know you are on a boat designed to handle the high seas.


Every Regulator model begins as six major components: first the hull (1) and grillage system (2) are bonded and fiberglassed together in the mold prior to entering the assembly area. In the assembly area, all the tanks, plumbing systems and wiring harnesses are installed into the hull. The third major component, the liner (3) is poly-bonded to the grillage and hull to form the inner deck and sides. A high-grade, below-the-waterline quality adhesive is applied to the fourth major component, the deck cap (4), and then it is bonded to the top side of the hull sides and liner at the gunwale. The rub rail is added and the whole assembly is through-bolted with stainless-steel fasteners every six inches. The center console (5) is bonded into the liner. Finally, the T-Top (6) is bolted and bonded onto the center console.