2020 Model Year Q&A with David Clubbs 


David Clubbs, Engineering Director for Regulator Marine talks with us about some of the big boat features and enhancements leading the fleet for 2020.


 August, 2019


Q: Tell us about the new standard features at the helm

A: Aside from the creature comforts with the AC, helm master joystick, and standard Garmin Offshore equipment, one of the biggest changes is the all new T-Top frame with integrated wraparound windshield. Notice how the new frame tucks in tightly with the console with just four supports—this gives a wider walk around and better ergonomics, especially when working fish. The console and console liner are both all new, and what you can’t see beneath these polished surfaces is the advanced composite engineering and craftsmanship that goes into every Regulator.


Q: The T-Top looks very sturdy.

A: Yes, that’s because the new T-Tops have a good deal of additional geometry compared to last years’ models. Instead of adding “MORE” to the entire top we engineered a complete strength solution that minimize weight and maximizes the parts integrity. The extra shapes not only allow us to add more speakers, lights, SureShades, but also provide strength to the top itself. The vertical sections that you may think are only there to encase the SureShade mechanism, are actually reinforced with structural woven fibers—they act like the floor joist in your home. We essentially have 4 longitudinal beams that absorb the loads in the top and channel them down through the powder coated frame and into the reinforced console.


Q: So, this means both the console and the T-Top have a very strong foundation?

A: Exactly. The front legs land on the seat base and are through-bolted to a dense fiber reinforced backing plate that’s integrated into the composite during the initial lamination phase in construction. It’s a process that allows for optimal load distribution down to deck. Notice, there are no additional aft support legs on this top.  

Q: And there’s unobstructed access to the cockpit! What goes into making that happen?

A: This is something that is unique to Regulator, and it took some work. The composite makeup in these aft corners of the console has been redesigned to carry the many loads that the T-top will impart when running our boats offshore in extreme conditions. We’ve increased the core thickness, modified the laminate schedule to include high strength woven fabrics, all hand-laid by our composite technicians during the build. Once the part is complete and bonded to the interior liner this adds even more rigidity.


Q: What comes next in the process?

A: The final structural step is done after the parts are pulled from the mold. We designed four additional columns made from high density compressed epoxy fiber called “pultrusion.” The magnitude in strength these pultrusion beams allows us to dial in the stiffness exactly where it’s needed. This detailed engineering design yields superior part strength, reduces weight, and allows us to optimize interior space and ergonomics on deck. It’s similar to how we designed the T-Top.


Q: Thanks for taking us through all this David!

A: You’re very welcome—if anyone is interested in a factory tour, I’m happy to show you more of that makes Regulator the best in offshore fishing and family fun.



We have an open door/open call policy at Regulator HQ! Our factory is open for tours and our Customer Service department is on call Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm EST. Call 252.482.3837 to ask us anything or email to book your tour! Plus, always feel free to share your fishing & boating stories, photos & videos with our team by emailing