What does it mean to be a leader?


Being a leader is having a vision and a purpose that transcends just one person. A vision so inspired that others want to be a part of it and a purpose that drives us all toward a collective mission. I see my job as helping our team catch that vision, then inspiring and empowering them to do what it takes to accomplish it. 


That’s part of why I work every day to create a leader-leader mentality. To me, this means that our team believes that Regulator’s vision is so worthwhile that they will dedicate every ounce of expertise and creativity to accomplish our goals. People have so much more creativity when it is welcomed by their team. When they are counted on as part of solutions big and small.


What are the values you work to uphold and instill at RMI every day? 


Regulator’s mission statement says that “we build the best center console sportfishing boats with people, processes and resources to honor God.”  Our mission clearly reminds us that we when we build a Regulator, we are committing to use everything we have – our best selves, our processes, our knowledge and the materials around us – to build the BEST center console sportfishing boats. Not just ok…but the best! While we certainly honor our customers, it is our belief that if we are honoring God, then we are also by default honoring the customers that He sends us. 


What does service mean to Regulator as a company, and to Regulator employees?


Service comes in many forms here at Regulator – there is service to one another through an Employee Emergency Assistance Fund (EEAF) and service to our community, where we give both time and resources. 


Regulator formed a team in 2018 called “In His Service.”  I must tell you, each time I have the privilege of attending an “In His Service” meeting, I am humbled by the love and concern this team has for their fellow associates. I provide this team with a budget that can be used to fund the EEAF and also community giving. The needs of the associates are very confidential. Our coordinator simply shares a case number and the need with her team. Then the team prays, evaluates the need, and decides whether or not to fund it. It is an amazing process to watch. 


Service isn’t a “give to get” proposition.  Service is an act of love toward our fellow man. Because in the end, we all need to feel loved and valued – that’s how our creator wired us!